One-Hit Wonders: These Shooting Stars of the Music Industry


You know those songs that as soon as you hear, you know that they will be massive hits? Those songs that capture the spirit of the moment in just the right way – or have just the right lyrics and tunes and are released at just the right time to resonate with the masses that push them into the top spot of any chart? These songs often kickstart the career of a musician.

If you could bet on hit singles at Betway Zambia, you’d probably put your money on these songs to be the start of a long and successful musical career. Sometimes, in turn, the success is reserved for one song only, and the artist disappears completely after the hype goes away. There are more such “one-hit wonders” than you might think.

Snow – Informer


Snow, born Darrin Kenneth O’Brien, made quite a splash back in 1992 when he released his debut single “Informer”. The reggae song told the story of a guy who is put in jail despite claiming he is innocent but vowing not to turn into an informer while behind bars. The most interesting thing about this song is that the singer was, indeed, behind bars – he was serving time for assault when the song was released, and he saw the video for the first time while in prison.

“Informer” was a huge success around the world, pushing Snow into the spotlight, and winning him the “Juno” award for “Best Reggae Recording” in 1994. The album “12 Inches of Snow” from which the single was taken became platinum in the US and triple platinum in Canada.

Unfortunately, the rest of the songs on his first album – and the rest of his albums – weren’t by far as catchy as “Informer”, so Snow disappeared from the spotlight after his first album. He released five more albums but none of them even came close to the success of his first single, which makes him qualify as a one-hit wonder.

Los del Rio – Macarena


Be honest: did you ever hear any other “Los del Rio” song except for Macarena? Yeah, me neither. The Spanish Latin pop duo has been around since 1962 but their breakthrough on the international music scene only came in 1995 with their smash hit… after which they suddenly disappeared.

Upon its release, the album “Macarena Non-Stop” made it to the 40th spot on the US Billboard 200 and became number one in the American Latin charts. Unfortunately, the duo’s further albums didn’t contain any singles that came even close to the Macarena’s success.

Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out


Last but not least, here’s a song that has become a pop culture staple – Who Let the Dogs Out? by Baha Men. The band has been around since 1977, mostly playing disco, funk, and a modernized version of the Bahamian genre Junkanoo. They released several albums to limited success… until they broke through with their hit single “Who Let the Dogs Out?” in 2000, which won a Grammy, a Billboard Music Award, and even a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. The song topped the charts around the world – after that, in turn, the band returned to its relative anonymity. Although they released three more albums in the coming years, none of them came even close to the success of… the dogs.

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